RAGBRAI© Charter

2023 Charter Options


Plan A

$340 per person | Round-trip bus charter and baggage hauling all week. Depart from Waterloo on July 22, 2023. Return July 29, 2023.


Plan B

$210 per person | Baggage hauling all week.

Daily Option

Baggage Hauling: $35/day


Charter Bus Only

(Round trip bus already included in Plan A above)

$130 both ways (Waterloo to start and end to Waterloo)
$65 one way (Davenport to Waterloo)

Steps to register:

  1. You must be a member of Cedar Valley Cyclists to join our charter.
  2. You must register on the RAGBRAI© website through the Enmotive Acct button on the top right and select Cedar Valley Cyclists’ group.
  3. You must fill out the CVC Charter application.
  4. You must pay online through PayPal or mail your check or money order.

Make checks payable to Cedar Valley Cyclists and mail to:
Cedar Valley Cyclists
PO BOX 2463
Waterloo, IA 50704

Registration Notes

If you wish to utilize the CVC charter, you must go to the RAGBRAI© Registration page and sign up with our Cedar Valley Cyclists’ group.

If you are an active member of CVC, you qualify to register with our Cedar Valley Cyclists group when you complete your RAGBRAI© registration.

You may send in applications for a group together.

In case you have a serious illness/injury while you are on RAGBRAI©, we may need to know who to contact. If your first contact is on RAGBRAI©, please list a second contact in case we have problems finding them.

Occasionally we have important messages to pass along to riders in our group. If we know who you are likely to be riding with or camping near, it can help us find you quicker.

It takes a group effort to put CVC’s charter together. There are many things that you can do to help: load the bags and bikes at the start and end of the week, help set up and take down the canopy, keep the coolers stocked with beverages, load and unload chairs, coolers, and shower stalls, keep our camping areas clean, etc. Please indicate on the application what you would be interested in helping with.


Additional Details


Registration for RAGBRAI© itself closes May 15, but registration for CVC charter will remain open until sold out. Payment for charter services is due within 10 days of registering unless other arrangements were made and approved in advance.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you need to cancel your RAGBRAI© plans, please contact RAGBRAI@RideCVC.org. Refunds are possible only if the reservation is resold to another participant and a refund is not guaranteed. Prior to May 1, the cancellation fee is $35. During the month of May the fee is $45. June 1-14 the fee is $55 and there are no refunds after June 15. These fees help recover the costs and efforts associated with reselling your pass.

Charter Perks

We take up to 160 people with two 26-foot rental trucks. CVC’s charter bus leaves from a parking lot in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area where you may safely leave your car parked for the week at no charge.

Campsites: Our club scouts and reserves a campsite in each overnight town. We may be located in the main campground or at another site, but we always strive to have good grass and shade (if possible) for camping with food, restrooms, shuttle bus routes, and entertainment reasonably accessible.

Directions to the CVC campsite: Our charter workers put up large bright yellow Cedar Valley Cyclists signs along the bike route into town to direct you straight to where CVC is camped. We provide a pocket-size card with the location of every town’s campground and send daily text messages with directions to those riders who sign up in advance.

Canopy: CVC has a 20- by 30-foot canopy. Many campgrounds have little or no shade so the canopy is very nice on sunny days or rainy days.

Beverages: CVC provides coolers with iced water and other beverages under the canopy. Payment is on the honor system, so we ask that you contribute for what you consume. It is nice to know that after a long day you can find your favorite drink right at camp. Our charter workers try to honor reasonable requests for beverages.

Chairs: CVC brings about 50 plastic chairs for everyone to use under the canopy.

Luggage: There is no limit on luggage. Bring as many bags as you need, but pack only what you will need and use (there is a checklist link below if you need assistance). Please consider 3+ smaller bags, rather than one monster bag that weighs a ton. Our policy is each single bag should weigh no more than 50 pounds when dry. Bags are unloaded and placed in rows each day. The charter workers do their best to keep the bags dry, and if it rains they will cover the bags with large sheets of plastic.

Shower Stalls: CVC brings 4 shower stalls and solar shower bags. We have a portable water heater and each person fills the bag with warm water before heading to the shower. With 4  shower stalls our line is never very long. You can always go to a school or pool and pay for a shower (typically about $6-7) though the line frequently can be long and the water might be cold. Some overnight towns prohibit our showers, so the shower vendors are our only option.

Restroom Facilities: Some campgrounds have restrooms and others do not. As a result, CVC provides our own porta-potties (known as Kybos on RAGBRAI©) in each overnight town. There will also be water available nearby and hand sanitizing stations.

Odds and Ends: CVC also brings floor pumps to air up tires and electric air pumps to inflate air mattresses. We are set up to charge cell phones and other electronic devices. You need to bring your own charger. For an additional fee one of our charter workers may even set up your tent.

Out-of-State Bike Shipping: If you are coming from out of state you can ship your boxed bike to us a week ahead of departure so you do not need to worry about how to get your bicycle from the airport to the start town or to the charter bus. Your bike box or case will be at the end town for you to get your bike ready to transport home. Contact us at RAGBRAI@RideCVC.org if you need to take advantage of shipping.

Additional Resources


Keep up to date with us on our Facebook Page.


Board Members

P.O. Box 2463
Waterloo, IA 50704